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The war on men

You probably laugh at the idea. A war on men. Really? Ludicrous! Maybe you’ve heard of it but the idea makes you laugh. Maybe you’ve never heard of such a thing. Maybe you don’t even see how it’s possible. Bear with me for a while, and have a read of what I see.

It’s not a military war. It’s a culture war. Men are being attacked, while we’re taught that this is how a modern, progressive, and politically correct society should be. Women need rescuing and idolising, while men should suffer in many small, subtle ways. And everyone should support it. If you don’t, then you must hate women. That makes you the enemy of what is socially acceptable. And in that, is the war.

Men risk getting fired from their job because a woman might get offended at a misplaced word or phrase (I’m offended. You should be fired). Their career longevity can depend more on making sure they don’t upset women than it does on doing a great job. Would any woman lose their job for offending a man?

When men and women go through a divorce process, women are encouraged to lie without any consequences. Would men be encouraged to lie? Unlikely. And who would automatically get custody of the children?

Social conditioning is doing its part to brainwash the masses. Most commercials and many tv shows today show men as incompetent, stupid or helpless (Welcome to Adland, where all men are morons). This has become officially acceptable. Women are shown to be better than men at everything. If it was the other way around, it would be sexist,

There is a growing stigma that men interested in children are paedophiles. Airlines treat mean as paedophiles by default, seating unaccompanied children only next to women. Even the teaching industry treats men as if they can’t be trusted around children. Men can’t even take photos in public of children enjoying themselves without risking persecution.

Women are even encouraged to falsely report a man raped them, and men are encouraged to support this. If you’re a man falsely accused of rape or sexual assault, how would you defend yourself? Who would support you? Will you be presumed innocent until proven guilty? What about if you’re assaulted by a woman and the police are called. Who would they arrest?

If you’re not sure a man’s innocence will be believed, then you can see the effects of this war already. Men are criminalised and persecuted simply for the crime of being men.

Four times as many men are committing suicide each year than women. Three times as many men die from violence in society than women. Over 90% of workplace deaths are men. Men make up more of the homeless than women do.

Where are the articles in the media about these issues? Where is the funding to support male victims? Breast cancer kills the same number of women as prostate cancer kills men, but women’s health gets four times the funding as men’s health. Women’s issues get significant attention, while men’s issues are ignored or even ridiculed.

Where hate speech laws exist, men are prosecuted for criticising women. But when women start public campaigns to #killallmen, there’s no consequences for them. Men who criticise women are fined or jailed, while women who call for the deaths of men are supported.

When there are articles written about men and women, the men are written as the bad guys and women are the victims. There’s a social brainwashing in action, and you might be supporting it.

Women who commit violent or fatal crimes against men receive minor punishments compared to the same crimes committed by men. There have even been calls for female perpetrators to avoid punishment altogether, as they’re only reacting to the evils of men.

And you say there’s no war on men.

You might not be aware of this war because it hasn’t affected you yet. You’ve been keeping your head down, living a good and compliant life. You know your life may be ruined if you say or do the wrong thing.

Society has always favoured women, even if some of today’s women think otherwise. When women are presented as ‘the true victims’ of an oppressive patriarchal society, that support will continue. We are being taught that feminine men and masculine women are to be supported, and masculine men and feminine women are to be stigmatised and attacked.

For those of us who oppose it, this war is not something we can fight. It’s what society wants. You can’t beat what an entire society is supporting.

Martin Luther King and Ghandi were leaders of social revolutions. The majority of people wanted change, and those leaders were able to bring about what people wanted. Today, the majority of people want to support a war on men, and those who oppoose it are a significant minority.

“The world will be what it wants to be.”
– The Tao

Over the years I’ve spoken to men who have been victims of female abuse. They’ve been afraid to do anything about it for fear of the consequences against them. They know that their female partners will be believed more than they would. One told me a story of his girlfriend attacking him with a knife. When he called the police they arrested him. They claimed he must have done something to cause her to attack him. That may be true. He obviously said something that upset her. But did his words justify her physical attempt to kill him? Apparently so. He was arrested for her attack on him, and she was told to seek protection from him.

I’m an observer of this war. I see what’s going on. I see male victims of female abuse who are arrested instead of their abuser. I see them ridiculed or disbelieved when they talk about it. I see male suicide and homeless growing. I see men getting angry about what’s happening to them, and around them.

It’s a ‘death of a thousand cuts’. Each cut is so small, it’s ridiculous to get upset about. And when someone like me points out a few cuts as part of a bigger problem, you laugh because you don’t see it. You just see the one or two cuts, but I fear by the time you see what all these cuts are doing, it will be too late.

I can’t do anything about it. I can’t change the world. I can’t fight a society that wants and supports this war on men. But I can write what I see, and I can help others see it too. I can help people understand that men ARE being penalised in our society today, simply for the crime of being men.

And I hope that from my efforts, more men will take responsibility for themselves and their lives. More men will do whatever they need to that will help protect them from this hostile society. And I hope that more women will realise they need to offer support too, because we’re all in this together. And together, maybe we can find a way to end this war.

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