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The Wedding

The reason we came to Sydney was for a wedding between Halley and Stephen. (Halley is one of Deidre’s cousins.)

We drove to Wollongong to pick up Deidre’s mum and take her to the church with us. Almost an hour to Wollongong, and then almost an hour back to the church. And then we were almost late when we thought it was on a particular road, only to discover that we were looking on the wrong road!

After we finally got there we settled in for the wedding service. That was pretty funny. As you know, I’m not religious. Spiritual, but not religious. So there were a couple of times during the service when the minister said something and I whispered into my hand, “BULLshit!” Deidre was the only one who could hear me, and we had a good chuckle between ourselves, with her doing the same.

There was a church singer who was cute… I leant over to Deidre and said, “Will I go to hell if I have lustful thoughts about the religious singer over there?”

Yes, I’m a heathen. *grin*

After the service we went to the reception. It was really nice to have been invited, and Halley (Deidre’s cousin) and Steven, the newlyweds, definitely made a lovely couple. I got to meet a whole bunch of Deidre’s family that I hadn’t met over xmas.

The best part was when we were dancing. Now, Deidre and I have slow danced a few times in our lounge room, but never in public. Not being a good dancer, I’ve always been hesitant to dance in public, feeling self conscious about it. Tonight however, was different. We slow danced a few times, and we were great! Or, if we weren’t great, I was at least comfortable enough to not care. Either way, we had a fantastic night dancing.

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