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The world is a small place


One of the people I see occasionally at work mentioned to me late last year that he recognises me from somewhere, but he couldn’t remember where. He was somewhat familiar to me too, but I couldn’t place him. I saw him again today and I asked him if he remembered yet, and he said he had, a few weeks ago.

Back in 1997 I used to be quite active on IRC. For those that don’t know, IRC stands for Internet Relay Chat – oops! I just reminded myself that I once had my own IRC channel last year that life distracted me from and I haven’t been back to it. (Does anyone still use IRC?) But I digress… I was hanging out in the local Canberra channel and got talking to someone who was interested in the web design that I was doing. They liked the websites I showed them that I’d done at that time, and asked me to join them as their web designer. His name was Scot, and he owned a new ISP. So I joined him as his web designer.

My workmate today told me that he remembered me from 1997, because he was just out of school at the time, and wanted to be a web designer and had been talking with Scot about it, but Scot got me in as his web designer instead. And 18 years later, he’s an IT manager in the Federal Government, and I’m a contract Business Analyst working with him.

Such a small world this is.

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