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We have a new kitten!

Kittens! We have one! We’ve named her Bella, and she’s a Scottish Fold. The photo is from my Facebook profile. You should be following me there, so you can keep up with more cute kitten photos. Oh yes, there’s going to be more.

What – you don’t have Facebook? Well, that’s a shame. I hope you change your mind one day and join in and say hi.

We’ve been trying to find a Scottish Fold for over a year now. They’re a relaxed, sedate cat, which is somewhat perfect for apartment living. Since we’re living in an apartment, it’s a bit of a necessity to have a pet that doesn’t actually care about going outside all the time!

She’s very cute, playful, full of energy. Most of the time. Sometimes she’s just all worn out, so she sprawls out and collapses and goes to sleep. It’s pretty funny.

Ever since we lost our last cat, we’ve been waiting for the right cat to welcome into the ‘family’. This one is lovely. Fanfan’s already in love with the kitten, which seems to have also decided it loves us too. You can tell when they lay in your arms and gently path your face with their paw…

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