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We know it’s not harmful

I have to laugh at the recent news of a mystery smell in Manhattan. I’m not laughing that there’s a smell, I’m laughing at how much they use a particular series of words…

Mayor Bloomberg said the city does not know what the puzzling odor wafting over Manhattan and N.J. is, but “it does not appear to be dangerous.”‘

“Our sensors do not show any high concentration of natural gas that would give us cause to be concerned,” Bloomberg said at a morning press conference.

We don’t know what it is. It does not appear to be dangerous … it may just be an unpleasant smell,” he said. “The one thing we are very confident of is that it’s not dangerous.”

“Nothing has been confirmed. We’re left with a mystery, although we know it’s not harmful.”

It is still early but there is no indication of terrorism and there is no credible intelligence to suggest any imminent threat to the homeland or to New York at this time,”

Hilarious. For people who claim to know absolutely nothing about it, it’s amazing how they know it’s not dangerous.


#1: 19 in hospital. Nope, not dangerous at all. 😉

#2: Officials trace mystery smell to NJ.

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