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We’re going on holiday

In a couple of weeks my wife and I are going to be heading off on a holiday to the following locations, as shown by random photos from the internet (not mine). If you’d like to follow me on Instagram as I share photos on a daily basis, feel free to follow me at instagram.com/alanhphotos. I think there’s going to be some good photos coming!

Abu Dhabi

We’ll be leaving Sydney on the 26th October and flying to Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates), where we’ll spend 2 nights in this amazing hotel (the silver one with 4 towers) and seeing a few sights around the place.


From Abu Dhabi we’ll be flying to Athens (Greece) and staying there for 4 nights.


From Athens we’ll fly to the beautiful Greek island of Santorini to stay there for 4 nights.


From there we’ll fly back to Athens and then straight on to Istanbul in Turkey, where we’ll be staying for 3 nights.

And then we’ll be flying back to Athens to get a flight back to Sydney.

It’s going to be awesome! I’m really looking forward to it.

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