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What a (social) life…

On Friday night Deidre was going out with the girls (Renu – Matt's wife, Monique – Garry's partner, and Trish – Ben's wife) for food, fancy dancing and frivolity. I went out with Garry to see Batman Begins at the cinema. But it didn't turn out the way either of us expected…

Here's the plan as we knew it.

We were going to meet at 7pm, get a coffee and then see the movie at 8:20. The movie was going to finish around 10:30, so we were going to have another coffee until the girls finished around 11 – 11:30, and then we were going to take the girls home. It was all sorted.


Garry and I met at 7, he said bye to Monique. We then went to get our tickets for the 8:20pm session, only to find out the movie was sold out. WHAT!? It's been going for a few weeks now – what the hell's it doing sold out!

Unfortunately… there was nothing else that we both wanted to see, so we went to get our coffee and settle in for the evening until the girls finished at 11. We were at Starbucks for an hour before we decided to go get something to eat.

We went to a sushi place and had sushi that was going round in circles on this conveyor belt.

Very tasty, I like that place. Pity that Deidre doesn't, but that's ok, 'cause at least she likes yum cha now.

Anyway, after we finished the sushi, we went back to Starbucks and chatted some more. Then we were getting bored so we went and played some pool. By the time Garry beat me 2 to 1, it was around 11:30pm, so we went back to Starbucks to wait for the girls to turn up.

Unfortunately… they didn't. Around midnight, Deidre sent me a text message saying how gorgeous I was, and that they'd be turning up soon.

Unfortunately… they didn't. Around 1am Garry and I got kicked out of Reading Cinema complex, where Starbucks was. We were the last people in there, and the security guards got sick of seeing us sitting there from about 12:30am, so they kicked us out at 1am. I sent a message to Deidre saying, "Ummm… how soon?"

Garry and I walked around the block a couple times, and then sat down on a seat in front of the cinema complex, outside the now-closed Starbucks.

Finally, around 1:30am, they turned up. Hallelujah!

While conversation with Garry is often enjoyable, it was a relative struggle finding something to talk about for 6 and a half hours!

So Garry and Monique went home, while I took Renu and Trish home, and then Deidre and I got home around 2:30am. Phew! Sleep…

And then yesterday, we went to Ben and Trish's place for the 'Articulate Championships'.

Articulate is a board game that Deidre and I have played a couple times over at Ben and Trish's place, and yesterday was the championships. It was just an excuse to get 5 couples around to play the game, and there was a prize at the end of it. There was a hip flask as first prize, and 'Connect-4', a game for small children, as the booby prize for the couple that came last.

Unfortunately there weren't any real boobies in the booby prize… Deidre and I came last, so we walked away with that non-booby prize.

Deidre wasn't very happy about that. She's quite competitive, so she was annoyed about losing.

Her and I have to go out to roleplay tonight, and we're leaving this minute. I wrote more than I thought I would. I'll talk more about the game in my next entry.

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