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What am I going to write about today?

Most of the time, on a daily basis, I don’t know what I’ll write about before I go to bed at night. And here I am, sitting in bed, thinking about what to write. I decided to call today’s post ‘what am I going to write about today?’

I asked my wife what I should write about. She said she wants me to write about her. She’s laying in bed next to me, half asleep, waiting for me to finish writing so I can lay down and go to sleep with her. She enjoys that. She’s a very loving, patient, tolerant and understanding woman. She’s amazing. And she puts up with my writing every single night. You should be thankful for her patience too.

I read the other day on Facebook, maybe yesterday, that being married improves your mental health. I didn’t read the article that was linked, but I can appreciate the truth in that.

When you’re single and looking, there’s a stress in your life. You’re trying to find someone that you’ll fit with, that you’ll enjoy being with, and who is a compatible match as you share your lives together. Going through the dating and relationship process is definitely very stressful. It weighs heavily on your mind, and on your life. Much of your waking life is spent thinking about finding someone to be with, and how you can find the right person.

When you’re married, you don’t need to worry about all that any more. All that stress is gone. Well, as long as you’re with the right person, that is… I know many marriages are between people who should never have gotten married, let alone started dating. The stress in their lives is incredible, and it makes me sad.

So I guess that being married improves the mental health of those who are actually with a partner who makes them feel happy and fulfilled. It certainly wouldn’t improve it with someone who was abusive.

I found the right woman for me. She makes me happy, and my life is fulfilled by being with her. I know my mental health has been improving slowly but surely ever since I met her, and definitely since I got married to her.

I love her dearly. I can’t imagine life without her, and I’m glad she’s with me to provide me with her love, her support, and her tolerance for me sitting up in bed writing to you, while she’s trying to get to sleep next to me. Every day I thank God for the gift I’ve been given.

And now, with her hand resting on my leg as she drifts off to sleep, I come to the end of today’s post. The question of what I’m going to write about today has been answered – I have so much gratitude for my wife, and for my mental health being improved by being married to her.

Life is fantastic.


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