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What is Hell?

Hell is simply a place we create for ourselves when we die, but is a creation that is a result of our own ignorance. When we die, if we think physical life is all there is, we will create that physical life in the next plane, the Lower Astral Plane. However, because that Plane is entirely dependent on thought and what is created there, all the physical negativity that is carried with us in life is created there by us in death.

What we fear the most becomes real. That's the Hell that we exist in when we don't know better.

But while many souls exist there, they still have the ability to heal. Their spirit guides and spirit friends are still working with them, trying to show them the truth. (Occasionally people in physical reality have the ability to make a connection with those 'lost' spirits, and help them to 'seek out the Light'.)

Existence in the different Planes is relative to the vibrational frequency we resonate at, as Spirit. On the physical plane, the lowest Plane of spiritual vibration, we have our Spirit aligned with our Ego, which is a requirement of physical existence. The Ego is what helps us survive in the physical world. It's a physical survival mechanism that has no place in higher Planes.

However, when we align more with our Ego than Spirit during our life, then the Ego, refusing to accept death, tries to continue life.

The Ego, now free of the laws of the physical world restraining the creations of thought, is able to create for itself all of those things it fears the most, thus justifying its' fears and continuing to keep the Spirit bound to the Lower Astral Plane.

That is Hell.

Once a soul creates their Hell, they may stay there for a long time. Healing can be quick or slow, depending on the level of awareness the spirit had before they died. Eg. if they suspected a spiritual reality might exist but were still physically focused, then they might only be in 'Hell' for a short time before their spirit guides get through to them.

Alternatively, if a person rejects all spiritual reality altogether, then their existence in their Hell might last longer.

Interestingly, if a person rejects spiritual reality and yet still lives their life respecting themselves and others, helping where they can in whatever way they can, then just by this existence they are raising their vibrational level to a frequency that allows them to pass over into higher planes of reality when they die. As a result of living a life of spiritual values, even if they don't believe in spiritual reality, their Ego is less aligned to themselves and physical reality, and the Spirit is more highly attuned.

As a result, instead of going to 'Hell', they go to 'Heaven'.

Essentially, living a good life, regardless of your beliefs, will result in a positive afterlife.

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