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What would you do?

Imagine you met someone from the future who travelled back in time to tell you that 20 years from now:

  • The ‘Long War’ had gone on for over 20 years, and the US was losing
  • Muslims had nuked Israel out of existence and ruled the Middle East
  • Muslims everywhere had risen up against non-Muslims, and as a result:
    • Europe was under Muslim law and called Eurasia
    • Some cities in the US had been nuked
    • Russia had taken advantage of the US withdrawals from Europe and taken back its old regions
    • China hada taken advantage of the US withdrawals from asia and taken over the asian region
  • The US was losing, and the problem was because they weren’t brutal enough.  The Muslims were brutal, and weren’t afraid of dying, and as a result, they were winning.

What would you do now, if you knew that this was the future that would happen?

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