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When did I become an INTP?

After a break of a few weeks I’ve continued going through my posts today as part of my project to archive the best of all my 1500+ posts into a kind of archive of the journey of my life. I reached a point tonight where I realised that I had talked about going from an INTP to an INFP (My personality type) but I’d never actually discussed when I went from INFP to INTP.

In fact, after I wrote that post in 2005, I didn’t talk about personality types again until 2009, when I was talking about being an INTP. When I saw that tonight, I thought, “Wait a minute…. when did I change from INFP to INTP?”

I have a memory of discovering I was INTP instead of INFP, but it looks like I never wrote about it. Or if I did, it’s been somehow deleted over the years.

It makes me a bit sad.

In 2005 I became an INFP after being an INTP for an unknown period of time, but then at some point, probably between 2007 and 2009, I went from being an INFP to an INTP.

Interestingly, an INFP is a feeler, whereas an INTP is a thinker. 2008 was a very tough year emotionally, and I’m wondering if that helped change me from being a feeler to a thinker, because I subconsciously disconnected from my emotions.

Something to think about.


I’m also wondering if 2015 will see me return to being a feeler again, what with my recent thoughts on returning to spirituality. It’ll be hampered a bit by my career though, if there’s an inclination for that, since being a Business Analyst is all about analytical thinking.

I’m pondering this right now because INTP and INFP are two very different personality types, with different choices and lifestyles resulting from the thinking processes in them. I can see the period of my life where I probably moved away from being a feeler and towards being more analytical – which was also reflected in my career choice, becoming a Business Analyst at the same time – and I can see that there’s a possibility this year might see me move back into INFP.

It’ll be something I’ll check up on later this year.

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