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Why I love New Zealand

One of the strong focuses in my life is people taking responsibility for themselves and their actions, and the consequences of their actions. The US, for example, has become a country where they’ve legislated the avoidance of personal responsibility, which has created an incredible culture of ignorance, arrogance, selfishness, spitefulness, and even violence over any of those issues, as people fight for their right to avoid responsibility. I loathe it.

Australia doesn’t have that, not even close to it, but we’re very influenced by American culture and their media, and it’s only natural that many people start taking on those influences and think that if they see everyone doing it on TV, then it must be acceptable for them to do as well. And so we’re starting to see our ignorance, arrogance, selfishness and spitefulness appearing in our own society. Thankfully without as much of the violence.

New Zealand is an enjoyable country because the kiwis are, in their own way, very patriotic about who they are, their country, their way of life, their resourcefulness, and their independence. While they watch US media – although nowhere near as much as Australia does; there’s a lot more local and non-US television in NZ – they also recognise the cultural influence as something they just don’t want in their own country.

They’re also not afraid to implement social policies that are generally for the good of the people, rather than for the good of a select few corporate or political interests.

I love New Zealand. Love it a lot. The above is why I want to go back there. Not to mention the incredible beauty of the country.

Disclaimer: I’m basing my perceptions and feelings on when I lived there from 2000 – 2007. Admittedly, things may have changed a bit for the worse in the past 6 years. I hope not though! If you’re in New Zealand, what do you think of what I’ve said above? Is your perception different to mine? Please add your comments below.

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