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Writers in Wellington

If you’re one of those who know Lee Pletzer then you’ll know that he’s just moved to Wellington (New Zealand) on the 12th April. We met up on Thursday 13th and went out to dinner that night, enjoying a nice Indian meal and getting to know each other. Lee, his wife Ami, me and my partner Deidre. We had a very nice time, and it was great catching up with someone who also blogs, and is also a writer.

I say ‘also’ because I like to think of myself as a writer… well, I write this blog! But I’m not as far ‘advanced’ as Lee is, with publishing my own books. But I’m getting closer and closer each day.

Anyway, Lee has a funny accent. *grin* He’s a kiwi (New Zealander) who’s been living in Japan for 10 years, and has been surrounded by Japanese speakers, as well as American. As a result, his accent has become something that sounds like a cross between a kiwi/Japanese/American. Interesting… 🙂

We caught up again yesterday, where Deidre and I drove them around Wellington to show them some of the sights, and enjoy the beautiful day that Wellington had yesterday. Here are the best photos of yesterday, showing you some of the sights that we enjoyed. Lee will have some more of his own photos soon on his own blog.

Please enjoy.

This is Lee, Ami and Deidre, overlooking sunny Wellington from Mt Victoria lookout.

Wellington harbour and a departing cargo ship.

A better view of Wellington and the harbour.

Courtenay Place is the ‘centre’ of Wellington, being where many of the restaurants, cafes and nightclubs are, as well as other entertainment venues. This isn’t the best view, but it’s the view from the lookout.

A closer view of the marina.

Next, we went for a drive around the bays. This is a jetskier enjoying the water.

Ami enjoying the view at Scorching Bay.

Near Lyall Bay.

The ferry on the left is going to the south island (Picton) while the ferry on the right is returning.

The three of them again. (Lee will have some photos of me taken on his camera… whether they get put onto his blog remains to be seen.) 🙂

The beach we were standing on.

And that concludes the photos of the Writers in Wellington. I hope you enjoyed them.

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