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Writing my first newsletter email

I'm sitting here at Sydney Airport, waiting for my girlfriend's parents to board their flight back to China, writing to you on my iPad.

All day I've had it in my head that I need to start writing for my new 'daily letters' newsletter I've started only a couple days ago.

So now that I'm sitting down, I went into Mailchimp to work out how to write an email to send to the mailing list. However, I discovered I need to do quite a bit more work first to set up an email template that I can then quickly use in future.

On my iPad, at the airport, is not a good time for me to work on this template. So I decided to just write to G+ instead, and work on the template when I get back home to Canberra tonight.

I'm excited that I've already had a number of people sign up for Think Wisely, and I haven't even 'gone live' yet. Thank you.

But as I wrote that, I realized I have. The site is live, the mailing list is live, and so am I. What more is needed?

Me writing, of course. And here I am. Having everything completed is less important than getting my thoughts out to you.

So this post is the first of my daily letters. How exciting!

If you're not sure if you're ready to start something new, just start it anyway. You'll find out soon enough if you're ready. Oh, wait… You've started it! Well, you may as well just keep going now…

If you'd like to receive my daily letters into your Inbox, sign up here: www.thinkwisely.net

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