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You can find me on IRC

Some time ago – I forget exactly when – I set up IRC (internet relay chat) on this site, but it wasn’t very reliable so I didn’t promote it or do anything with it. But last night I got my IRC-shit sorted out and found a reliable method of integrating IRC into this site.

The unreliable method I was using before was provided by kiwiirc but they’ve been under severe stress lately from DDoS attacks on their network, so it was virtually unusable. However, they seem to have sorted out their issues now, and after doing some testing, I’m happy to continue using them and even promote them for the time being.

If you’d like to do some chatting with me in real-time (assuming I’m around and online), then please feel free to join in and say hi. It would be great to chat with you.

Chat with me on IRC

If I don’t answer, you can always click on the link on that page to send me an email.

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