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Your blog posts are working for you

There’s a good analogy mentioned over here about Investment Blogging.

Each post is like an individual working your workforce. Some posts might work harder than others. Some attract more attention than others. Each earns you a little revenue; together they are your means of gaining income

I really like the idea that your posts are your workers, working for you. The more ‘workers’ you have, the better your ‘business’ is going to be. Quality workers will give you a quality return on your investment, and the more quality workers you have in your business, the more they will do for you.

As time goes by, and the quality workers (posts) increase, your business (blog) is only going to become more popular due to the numbers of work being done for you. Your reputation will increase, and your opportunities will increase as well. Opportunities like making money. The more people you have coming to your business, and the happier they are about being there, the more they’ll be interested in buying from you. That’s where you start advertising.

The possibilities are huge for creating quality posts in your blog over time. Think of the bigger picture, rather than just on what’s happening today. Look to the future and you’ll find the rewards.

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