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You’re the director of your own story

“All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players; they have their exits and their entrances, and one man in his time plays many parts….”

William Shakespeare knew the truth, that we’re all actors in a play, and we all play many parts. But it goes deeper than that. You’re not just an actor in a play – you’re the main character of a story, and its your life that is the story. You’re the hero of your story, and you’re also its Director, and you’re directing your story every day with the choices you make.

directorMost people are just ‘extras’ in their own story. Instead of directing their story, all they’re doing is reacting to the stories that are written for other characters. They’re drifting through their life without any conscious direction, and so their story is often boring, mediocre, and meaningless. As you would expect, they’re not enjoying their story, but they don’t know how to change it.

Whether you like it or not, you’re the creator of your story. You’re its Director. You’re probably just sitting back and reacting to things that happen on a daily basis, but even so, you’re still directing your life, even if it’s only related to how you react to things around you, who you spend time with, the things that you do, and the places that you go.

You can continue directing a boring, mediocre story for yourself, or you can decide to direct a far more interesting story.

Has your story been meaningful? Was today an important day? Did it matter in the grand scheme of your story? Do you have any goals in your story? Are you doing what you need to do to achieve your goals? Are you living a story that you’re in control of, or are you drifting along in a story that seems out of your control? Is your story something you’re proud of, and which you’d enjoy telling others about? If you wrote a book about your life, would it be an interesting and exciting story?

You already know the answers to all those questions. You’re probably wishing your story was a better one, a more interesting, rewarding or exciting story. Something to be proud of. You see photos and videos of holiday locations, and you wish you were there. You hear stories about other people having meaningful and rewarding lives, and you wish yours was the same.

Well, Director, I have news for you. You can actually have everything you want in your story, if you really want it. But you have to work out what it’s going to be, and then you have to start directing it appropriately.

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