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Consider the lies

Are you sure there are any captured Israeli soldiers, captured by Palestinians or Hezbollah guerillas?  Are you really sure?  You’ve only got the Israelis telling you this.  Any news of Hizbollah or Palestinian negotiations comes only from Israel, who provide all the news about what’s going on with Israeli interests.  Israel is now telling everyone that the Hizbollah plan on moving their captured Israelis to Iran.

Why would the Hizbollah do that?  They’ve never done that before, why now?  Why would Iran take them, considering that Israel and the US are just looking for excuses to attack? 

This certainly would provide them with the excuse, but how true is it, when the only news that’s available is from Israel, who wants to go to war with Lebanon, Syria, and Iran?  How can you believe that the news coming out of Israel is not propoganda created simply to further their agenda of destabilising the Middle East, and giving them reasonable grounds to invade whoever they choose?

If you believe what Israel tells you, and what the US says, then you’re a fool.  If you consider that the whole thing could be a lie, that there aren’t any captured Israeli soldiers, and that everything you read and hear could be a lie, then you’re smarter than the average bear.

When political or military actions occur around the world, look closer to see who benefits, and when you find who benefits from it, then you find the instigator of it.

Hezbollah doesn’t benefit from it.  Lebanon doesn’t benefit from it.  Iran doesn’t benefit from it.  Syria doesn’t benefit from it.  Who benefits?  Israel does, and subsequently the US. 

When you seriously think about it, you’ll learn that you can never trust the media again, and you’ll never look at the world the same way again.  But your eyes will be open, and you’ll see more of what’s really going on in this world. 

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