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A day in the life of…

In November last year I wrote about my daily life. I was inspired the other day to re-write it for my current dailly life, which has changed a bit since last year. It’s funny, ’cause my inspiration came from someone who wrote about their own daily life, as a result of reading my daily life…

Ok, the alarm goes off at about 6:40am. Deidre presses the snooze, and repeats the process a few times, while we snuggle and gradually wake up. By about 7:10am, I get up and stumble off into the lounge room to greet Geisha. In order to keep the peace in our household, the two cats have to sleep apart, otherwise no one gets any sleep. There’ll be hissing and spitting and yowling… So anyway, her and I reacquaint ourselves for a few minutes as she snuggles into my chest while I check my email. Then she gets bored with that and wants to be let out of the lounge room. I ignore her for a while, knowing that Deidre doesn’t want Geisha jumping all over her while she’s still waking up, and I log into Eve Online to check in-game email and say hello to whoever’s online as well (I’m talking here about ‘corp mates’, other members of the same corporation I’m in, in the game).

I shave, have breakfast, check the news for any new outrages that might have happened overnight, then shower, get dressed and go to work. When I get there around 8:30am, after a short few minutes of observing people on the bus, I connect my laptop to the work network and login. While it’s logging in, I get myself a coffee, and then sit down and check my work email. I log into the Messenger service at work (like MSN Messenger, but only works on the internal network, allowing us to chat to other work mates) and also MSN Messenger (the external version).

I answer any emails that need to be answered, and assign jobs that came in overnight amongst the 3 of us in my area, and work on whatever jobs that I need to work on. The jobs revolve around internal network and application support. I’m a systems administrator, which means it’s partly my responsibility to make sure the company’s network and network-based applications all continue running smoothly, update personnel information, process new user setups, etc etc. Occasionally it’s also to troubleshoot and resolve a problem, or assign to appropriate people to look after. I do this throughout the day, as odd jobs come in, or I leave them for the next day (or the next?) if they’re not particularly urgent.

I chat occasionally to one of my workmates who plays Eve Online with me, and I help him work out better strategies for playing. We discuss ship setups, and other game-related stuff.

I also have a Gmail notifier active in Firefox, so I’m able to answer any personal email that I get during the day, for whatever reason. When I’m not doing jobs for work, I’m checking out world news and politics, or browsing the Eve Online forums and websites, learning as much as I can about the game and how to play it better or most effectively. In the game corporation I’m involved in, I’ve become the Head of Recruitment, so a lot of my forum browsing is also responding to people’s queries about which corp to join, or I’m placing my own recruitment ads for the corp, hoping to attract new members.

Another role I have at work at the moment is yet to be clearly defined, but the temporary name for it is ‘technical specialist’, which means I help advise other areas of work on how to better improve their service desk policies and procedures, or help create client relationships relating to the support that their new service desk is going to be giving them. From those clients, I’m also responsible for getting all the information we need to provide them with the service that they want and need.

I’m soon going to be moving into the ‘service improvement’ unit/department/group/whatever, and I’m going to try and maintain my focus on the service desk, because of my long history and experience and knowledge of it. I’ll be working – I hope – on improving service within and around the service desk. And boy, have I got lots of ideas about that!

The point of the above is that while I’m doing systems administration tasks, I’m also relatively busy with various client implementations, gathering information and technical knowledge about them, and integrating it into our intranet. There’s also the occasional meetings with other staff associated with those clients, as various groups do their various things to help bring clients onboard.

I have lunch around 12-1pm, which is either sandwiches from home, last night’s leftovers, or buying it from some shop or cafe. Then there’s more of the same as the morning.

I leave work between 4 or 5pm, getting home around half an hour later. Then I log onto Eve Online and check for more in-game emails, talk to corp mates, and run missions until Deidre gets home around 6:30pm. I spend the next few hours catching up with Deidre, having dinner, and doing whatever else we might do (either going out somewhere, or watching a movie or Battlestar Galactica, or just chatting about life and weddings and stuff…). If she gets busy doing her own thing, like watching tv, doing something on the other laptop, or going out somewhere, then I’ll focus more on Eve Online until she finishes what she’s doing and we’re ready to go to bed by around 11pm.

These days, most of the things that Deidre and I talk about are related to our engagement and wedding. It’s all very exciting, and every day is wedding day, and probably will be for the next year and a half, until we get married. And then… every day will probably be children day, until we have children. And then every day will probably be… more children days for the following 18 or more years….

Some wonderful things to look forward to. 🙂

That’s a day in the life of me. What would be really cool is if you write your own story of your daily life and post it on this blog, linking back to this post so I can follow the trackback to read yours, or post your ‘day in the life of’ as a comment to this post. I’d really love to hear about your life!

Thanks for reading! Please add your own thoughts below.

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