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Procrastination dulls passion

You may remember me talking about procrastination as being an issue I’ve realised I have. Last night I realised that procrastination has been ‘dulling’ my passion. The passion I’m talking about is in business-building.

I’ve had the idea of setting up my own business providing software support and computer/internet training to small businesses and home users. This is something that I see a market for. I’ve created an outline of services that I offer. I’ve organised the software that I’d provide users, as well as training for the software. I’ve created website pages. I’ve even found a name and website domain that would suit my needs. I’ve got a business phone number organised. I’ve got contractors organised and available, ready for me to start.

But I haven’t started yet. Why not? Procrastination. Distractions abound, to take my focus away from the business. What are they?

Potential clients not sure they actually want to pay for service.
A potential client (a branch of a national hotel chain) telling me $70 a month is too much.
Lack of motivation in potential contractors.
Lack of passion in me.

I know that business is business, and making a profit is very important, but how do businesses, for example, expect to get service for free? I was referred to the the manager of a hotel, who said they’re looking for someone to look after their computers. Their computers are a mess, and their staff have no adequate training, so they’re looking for someone to fill their needs. Their problem has been that most IT organisations out there are, apparently, too expensive.

So I organised a package deal for them, at $70 a month, providing them the support that they’re requiring.

It was rejected as being too expensive.

Holy shite, how the hell is $60 a month too expensive for pro-active PC support and training?

Other business people I’ve spoken to have said that I have a great idea, and they think I’ll do well. But no, they wouldn’t be interested in it.

I’m wondering if the reason why there’s a ‘niche market’ for what I’m offering is because no one’s willing to actually spend any money on it. People just don’t see the value in getting their computers and training supported on a proactive basis.

They would rather spend many hundreds of dollars for a reactive service, than a cheaper amount for a proactive service, preventing any problems from arising, and offering training in how to use things, which in itself, helps prevent further problems from needing reactive service.

Ah well… I still see the value myself, so I’ll continue to test the market and see what kind of presentation I can find which will reap the greatest results. And then I’ll move forward and ‘find the passion’.

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