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A new job

The Client Relationship Manager role is moving along nicely. I'm designing it, defining it, and will be doing it. It's also going to involve travel and incentive bonuses based on increased revenue. Woohoo!

It's an exciting feeling to be creating my own management job in one of the largest companies in the country. Wow.

The latest development is that a job description has been created by me and agreed upon by management, and a timeline for client visits has been drafted as well. The timeline also includes how much effort is likely to be required, and it seems to be approximately about half a year's worth of effort at this stage. Which fits in nicely with what they want me to do, as there are two other roles they want me to provide support on, so it looks like I'll have a management/support role.


Here's the job description so far, that I've created:

The responsibilities of a Client Relationship Manager would include

  • Maintain contact with client management (those responsible for the contract) on a regular basis (every 2 months), to keep up to date with any issues or concerns they may be experiencing
  • Be available as an escalation point for any client complaints about service delivery, or even any internal complaints about client
  • Follow up any issues quickly, whether it be after the 2-monthly contact or on a reactive basis (eg. they advise of an issue as it happens)
  • Provide an analysis each month of the client’s job report, looking at how the service is being delivered to them and suggesting (where applicable) a better solution based on their needs, in co-operation with the Operations Manager
  • Arrange an on-site visit every 6 months, to discuss the service that the client is receiving, and to go through the reports over the previous 6 months and suggest any changes or upgrades to their account that might be applicable
  • Client implementation – obtain technical information from new clients to create an intranet website for them, and transfer ownership over to the assigned Client Champion
  • Training – manage training requirements for client in using [company] applications, and for [company] staff in using any applicable client applications

I fell over in the shower this morning; my feet just slipped right out from under me. My head hit the top of the edge of the bath, and I sort of sat there in the bath, feeling the side of my head, waiting for the blood to start. It didn't, and I was very surprised! I'd swear that my head falling 6 feet and bouncing off the solid bath should have split the skin and there'd be blood filling up the bath – but it didn't. I had a bit of a headache, and after carefully drying myself I took some headache pills. The side of my head was aching, along with the top of my ear where it hit the bath.

I think I had mild concussion, 'cause there was ringing in my ears about 2 hours later, here at work, but it only lasted for about 10 seconds and went away.

I bought a non-slip bath mat this afternoon. One of my workmates says that I'm getting old, 'cause only old people have non-slip bath mats. I wonder if it's the stupid people that don't? Slipping in a bath can happen to anyone. I'm actually surprised it hasn't happened to me before, and I've often thought about getting a non-slip bath mat, but never got around to it. Experience is a great incentive.

I went out on Sunday afternoon with Cherie and the Japanese lady she was introducing me to. There wasn't any chemistry or attraction though, and the lady was going to the UK in 5 months, so I certainly don't think anything will happen there. Cherie said she'll try to find someone else for me.

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