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1) I'm working on creating a new role at work. I've seen a need in the company for a Client Relationship Manager, someone who attends to the happiness of the client above and beyond just getting money out of them. I've approached my managers with this perception of how to add value to what we offer our clients, and coincidentally (Hah! No such thing as coincidences! "Coincidence is God's way of remaining anonymous.") they've been talking amongst themselves about exactly that. So they talk about it, and then I come along and tell them how I see a need in the company, and I know of how to 'fix it'.

They're interested in talking to me some more about it, so I've got a meeting tomorrow where I'm going to present my ideas and discuss it with them. I wonder what will happen.

2) A friend of mine, Cherie, has decided to introduce me to one of her classmates, a Japanese lady. This is happening on Sunday. More information later.

3) A lady I met last year on a date met up with me for the second time today. It's been over a year since we met, but we've kept in occasional contact with each other. We met for lunch, and I think the biggest reason for meeting is that she wants to have sex with someone other than her boyfriend. Go figure…

So anyway, I'm standing there waiting for her, and suddenly she walks around the corner. She's wearing a very low cut top, with her cleavage showing quite nicely, and wearing short shorts that I swear were shorter than her panties! (If she was wearing any….) Oh my God, I thought, very surprised. She was very out of place in an area of windy Wellington where most people were dressed for the cold wind, which was a little cold today. I had a good look, and said, "Damn! I think you're wearing too much!" She giggled, and we went to lunch. (We all know that women who dress provocatively WANT to be looked at and appreciated, so I'm happy to look and appreciate quite openly, especially when it's obvious what she wants.)

During lunch she kept fishing for compliments, which I gave her. She looked much better than when I saw her last year, having toned up a bit, and her skin was a lot better now than it was last year (she had bad skin). She also had a different attitude this time, where she wasn't so questioning about everything. I guess she's matured a little in the past year.

Anyway, there was a bit of flirting during lunch, and then when I was walking her to the exit of the food court we'd had lunch in, she asked if her bum was red from the seat she'd been sitting on. "You just want me to look at your bum," I said, and she giggled again. "Nice bum – even with the red marks." She pretended to be upset about the red marks, and I kissed her on the cheek and said see ya later. Remember, she has a boyfriend. What is it with that?

So, 2 of the above things happened today, while the 3rd happened a few days ago, set for a few days from now. An interesting week. The girl from number 3 above wants to meet for a spa next week. Maybe I'll take a day off work…

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