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A short story: “Choices”

Choices. That’s what it was all about, wasn’t it. He only wished this choice wasn’t his to make.

He thought back to last week when it all started, when the lights in the sky appeared and no one knew why. The news had excerpts from various science fiction movies, like Independence Day when the alien ships hovered over each capital city. But these particular lights just hovered at random locations, and random heights. There were some who said they were angels from God, but no one listened. Just more religious loonies. Except it turned out to be true. It was 48 hours after they arrived that the killing started.

“Is this Judgement Day?”


“Why me?”

“Each of you represents all of you,” the brightly glowing angel replied. “You are chosen.” It waited.

“You’ve already killed so many.”

“Only those who needed to be judged.”

He looked at the bodies on the street, and the angels hovering nearby, looking at him, waiting for him, the blood dripping from their swords.

“We didn’t know,” he said.

“You didn’t listen.”

“I think we will now,” he replied. The angel said nothing. He sighed. “I choose knowledge.”

The angel looked at him with sadness, and then disappeared, along with all the other angels nearby. He guessed it was the same all around the world.

He looked sadly around at the devastation. He could hear a woman sobbing in the distance. Someone stepped out of a house nearby, staring in shock at him. “It’s going to be ok,” the preacher said with a smile. “They’ve gone.”

We have work to do, he thought. But now we know, and maybe this time we’ll listen.

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