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A story idea

I’ve had some ideas running through my head for a couple weeks now, about a series of stories I intend writing. Here’s an introductory summary. I intend writing a series of short stories, with each story as if it’s a separate mission of some kind, or something like that.

Please give me your feedback about how interesting you think it might be, or anything else you think might be interesting. Feedback on whatever I write in the near future would also be very welcome. Thanks!

Mike Hatcher, ex-Special Forces, current ‘ghost’, working for the US government as a Federal agent engaged in his specialty – covert and black ops. With Ultra Top Secret clearance and access to any resources he needs, there is nowhere he can’t go, and nothing he can’t get done.

His latest task is the Head of Security for a new government program called Night Watch. Sure, he’d heard the rumours, and thought he might have even encountered ‘them’ before, but it wasn’t until he was assigned to this new role that he discovered ‘they’ were real, and ‘they’ were here.

An alien race had arrived. While their purpose was a secret, their presence wasn’t. Night Watch was there to investigate the aliens and engage in ‘first contact’ for peaceful co-operation – if possible. If not possible, then it was there to protect humanity. And Mike Hatcher was good at his job.

Thanks for reading! Please add your own thoughts below.

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