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Are you ashamed to be a man?

How often have you pretended to ignore the beauty of a woman because you’re afraid that you’ll be ‘caught out’? How often have you avoided telling a woman that you like something about her femininity (if she has any, that is) because you’re afraid you’ll be labelled as sexist? How often are you made to feel that it’s a crime to be a man?

If you’re like most men, the answer is probably A LOT.

This is what society tells you, of course. It tells you that being a man is a shameful thing, full of indignities against women.

I knew a man that used to be punched in the arm by his wife if he so much as glanced at another woman. So he wore sunglasses all the time so that she couldn’t see where his eyes were going.

I knew a man that begged his girlfriend to let him go out for a few drinks with his friends, but she refused to give him permission so he went home with his tail between his legs instead.

I knew a man that wouldn’t dream of doing anything without his wife’s permission, but he also wouldn’t dream of getting her to do the same.

I knew a man that was afraid to talk to women because he had been angrily rejected a few times for trying to strike up a conversation with them.

I knew a man that thought it was wrong to admire a beautiful woman, because he didn’t want anyone to think he was treating women like objects.

I could go on and on. It’s ridiculous.

This is what western society is today, where a man has to pretend he’s not attracted to women in order to be considered acceptable, or that he has to ask permission of women in order to do what he wants to do.

Men have become servants to women.

Is that what you, as a man, are happy with?

Most are. They trade their masculinity and their individuality for what they think is their one chance in life to have sex. These ‘beta males’ (95% of men) worship the vagina, afraid that once they get it they won’t get it again, and in exchange they give up everything that makes them a man.

Men are confused. They think that in order to get sex – every man’s primary goal in life – they must do what women tell them to do. They have been brainwashed by radical feminist influences on society over the years to think that in order for men to be accepted members of society, they have to bow down to the great pussy Goddess and do what they’re told.

They don’t want the embarrassment of being labelled sexist or misogynist just for being attracted to women. They don’t want the drama of arguments whenever they want to do something that is uniquely theirs, like a hobby or going out with their friends.

And so they’ve become ashamed to be men. They’ve given up the struggle to be themselves. They’ve become ashamed of their own inner feelings that draw them to being attracted to the feminine in women.

And since most women in the western world are becoming angry fat women (which is a feminist rejection of femininity that’s acted out over the past few decades), men think that’s the best they can get. And so they cater to these fat women, which only empowers the continuation of women getting fatter.

To be feminine is bad, women think – based on feminist propaganda over the past 20-30 years. Therefore, to be non-feminine is good. Masculine women are good, and so are fat women. You can see it in society wherever you look. They cry out in horror when advertising promotes feminine slim women. “It’s an abomination!” They cry out. Fat is good, slim is bad. Masculine women are good, masculine men are bad.

Everything that encourages the masculine in men is to be exorcised from society.

As a result, men have been taught to think being masculine is bad. Desiring slim, feminine women is bad, and a man should be punished for his attraction to such women.

I say to these fat, angry feminists everywhere – fuck you.

Men – you really don’t have to put up with the shit that you’re putting up with. It’s ok to be attracted to sexy, feminine women.

There’s something else that you should know about.

Many of these sexy, feminine women are wondering where all the good men are, because they’re just not being approached any more. Why? Because men think it’s a crime to be attracted to such women, so they stay away to avoid being judged harshly by fat feminists.

More men need to stand up and say, “You know what? Fuck this. I deserve better than this bullshit. I’m not going to be ashamed for my feelings as a man, as a unique biological creature, any more. Fuck all of you that want me to be ashamed of who I really am. I no longer need your bullshit in my life.”

If we get more men standing up and doing exactly that, we’ll have a significant change in society. When fat, bitchy women with demands of entitlement no longer get what they want, and they realise all the sexy, feminine women are getting it instead, then they’re going to have to change.

I know that there will be some people, mostly those that support feminism, who will say “Alan, you’re so angry! You need to calm down. There’s nothing to worry about, nothing to get upset about. Nothing to see here, move along…”

You’re damn right I’m angry.

Do you think that angry black slaves in the 1800’s were told the same thing? “Calm down, nothing to get upset about. This has been happening for centuries, just accept it and get back into the fields where you’re much happier doing what you’re told.”

Men are currently being enslaved to feminist demands, in many different and insidious forms. There will be many feminists and feminist sympathiser who will try to disempower men standing up for their rights as men. You have to recognise what it is, and use it to empower you, not continue to drag you down and stay beaten.

Men – do you know what your attitude is doing right now? It’s creating more fat women. It’s your inability to take ownership of what you want that shows you’ve given up, and that empowers women to give up as well.

Women and men are ‘settling’, and becoming fatter, because none of them are striving for what they want and need.
Men – you’re not driving women to be better than what they are. You’re so embarrassed and afraid to do so, that you’re empowering women to give up on the one thing that you want them to be – feminine.

But if you change that, if these women see that feminist demands for entitlement are no longer working for them, they’ll quickly realise something needs to change. If more and more men stand up and refuse to be pussy whipped, then it’ll be the women that have to change in order to get what they want – which is, ultimately, to be fucked by a man that loves them.

Currently they think love is obedience. You need to teach them that love is respect. And they need to earn your love and respect. (Make sure you understand what being respectful is – you have to be the same). Right now they have none, and it’s turning them into fat, angry women that no man is ever going to love and respect.

I know I’m not alone with my thinking. There’s men out there who feel exactly the same way – they’re just afraid to speak up about it for all the above reasons. They don’t want to be shamed and flamed for their opinions.

But there’s strength in crowds. More and more men need to step up and join the crowd.

And women too! I know there’s plenty of women who think feminism is a very bad idea, because it makes it difficult for women to be treated as equals when feminism wants women to be treated as women who demand to be equal.

And the great thing is – all of the women I’ve seen supporting men to be men are all sexy and feminine.

So there’s a great benefit to standing up and joining the masculine crowd – there’s lots of sexy women there too!


Update: does this post make you angry? Are you angry at me, or angry at your life? Have I offended you? Tell me about it in the comments below

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