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Blog Review: Corona Red Roses

Title: Corona Red Roses

Description: Single 31-year-old, Washington DC area resident. Work for the government, but not a fan of Dubya. Interested in travel, my friends, and world events. Oldest of four.

I found Corona when she left a comment on my Dating For Men website, and I discovered that we had a common interest. Dating! She's single and dating, and I'm not single but writing about dating.

For me, the attraction to Corona's website is mainly her dating exploits. It's interesting to read about about a woman's dating adventures and realising that they're not that unlike men's dating adventures. Both men and women have their various issues, insecurities and annoyances associated with dating.

As a blog, however, its more a personal account of her life than just about dating. There's two complaints I have about the site, however.

First, her description starts off with 'single 31-year-old''. Straight away, she invites interest about her single life. We want to see more of it!

She also works for the government in Washington DC, and while she says she's not a fan of Dubya (is anyone these days?), we would still love to see more stories about her government involvement. She also says she's interested in travel, friends and world events. And yet I haven't seen any discussion of these things at all!

Admittedly, I haven't been a fan for that long, and I haven't read every single post dating back to Auguest 2004. But I'd love to see more of it.

Secondly, just a small complaint about her blog template. The white background seems to have been set with a definite height rather than for however long the page is, and so a number of posts are stuck onto the darkish page background that prevents you from seeing links, and various other elements of the posts, unless you use your mouse to highlight the posts themselves, so that you can see what's 'missing'. Can be a little frustrating at times.

If she gives us more stories about what her description is about, I would imagine her readers would increase tenfold. Everyone wants to hear about single women and the US government. Give us more of that! 🙂

Thanks for reading! Please add your own thoughts below.

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