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Blogging with the iPad

iPad Case

Since getting the iPad, I’ve found it really convenient to use it in bed before drifting off to sleep, to do some blogging, read some news or a book on the Kindle app, or… just whatever!

It’s lighter and more convenient than a laptop. The built-in keyboard is easy to use, and the apps encourage you to focus on just one thing at a time, instead of the multitasking that you can do on desktop computers and laptops. I like it for its simplicity and ease of use.

And because it encourages me to blog again…

I realized the other day that since I stopped using my Apple laptop when I got the iMac, I also stopped blogging. I thought it was because I was worried about security clearances at work, and not knowing how to write about my BDSM stuff, but in reality it was because I didn’t have the mobility of sitting back and relaxing with a laptop…

Now that I do again, I’ll be doing this much more often.

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