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Building an online authority

LinkedInAs part of my strategy to create an online business around my Business Analysis services, I’ve decided to start using LinkedIn more. It’s a business networking and social media site, and if I’m not developing a business presence with it, then I’m really doing it wrong.

Being an ‘online authority’ is also regarded as a ‘thought leader’, and is where you’ve translated your knowledge on a topic into something meaningful for readers. For example, Seth Godin is an online authority or thought leader on marketing, and Robert Scoble is the same with technology.

There are many, many people out there who are authorities relating to their area of expertise, and they present researched information, updates or opinions about it in order to help others, and to build brand awareness for themselves.

If I’m going to be an Online Business Analyst, I need to start developing my online presence in such a way that adds weight to what I’m presenting, or makes me out to be an ‘authority’ on the subject.

So I wrote a 983-word article tonight called ‘How to improve your pathetic career’, which is going to be my first article as an author on LinkedIn. I’m quite excited about it, and I’m looking forward to seeing if it gets any interest or if it bombs as a flop.

It’s my first business related article, so I’m not too worried about it flopping. I’ll refine the process and do more articles and continue to build up a ‘portfolio’ of business content that I’ll use to promote my Online Business Analyst services.

I’m going to need to do the following to build up my ‘authority’ and be a trustworthy source of information and opinion:

  • Write with relevant keywords
  • Create niche content
  • Write about timely industry or business updates
  • Write case studies
  • Contribute to other blogs as a guest blogger
  • Be active with social media

As always, it’s going to be an interesting and enjoyable journey.

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