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Shifting back towards Apple computers

From about 2007 through to 2012, I was a big fan of Apple. It began after Windows Vista destroyed my laptop and forced me to buy another one, so in a fit of rage I decided that Microsoft could kiss my ass, and I bought a 17″ Apple MacBook Pro. It was a great laptop and lasted me well for about 4 years. Throughout most of that time I was also into iPhones and iPads.

applehardwareIn 2010 I bought myself a 27″ iMac, my first desktop computer since 2003. What with the iMac and the iPad and the iPhone, I didn’t need to use the MacBook Pro, so it sat in a cupboard until I sold it in 2013. In 2011 I bought a 13″ MacBook Air to use overseas in China, and that was pretty cool. But in 2012 a few things happened that would change things for me.

  1. The Samsung Galaxy Note 1 came out and I decided to sell my iPhone and use the Note, because it was a much better phone for my needs.
  2. A computer game came out (Skyrim) that I wanted to play, but I really didn’t enjoy it while playing on Windows on the iMac via Parallels.
  3. I got pissed off with Apple for anti-competitive business practices and didn’t feel like supporting them with my money any more.

All of these things combined made me decide that I didn’t want to use Apple any more. I sold the iPad/s that I had and bought a Windows computer that was designed mostly for playing games, since that was my most popular pastime. I was going to sell the iMac and MacBook Air, but Fanfan decided she wanted to use them, so I kept them. I also bought a Samsung laptop running Windows that was primarily for work, but became my mobile computer of choice.

But here it is towards the end of 2014, and things are changing for me again.

I’ve enjoyed playing with various version of Windows and even Linux, but you know what? I remember that I enjoyed not playing with them a lot more! I enjoyed just having an operating system that worked without inspiring me to always trying to be improving upon it.

The only reason I keep playing with Linux and with new versions of Windows is because I’m trying to find something better than what I’ve got!

I hear Apple’s OS Yosemite is pretty damn good…

I don’t like constantly playing with new operating systems and fixing issues and problems that arise from it. I prefer having time to focus on other things, like writing. Or reading. Or even gaming.

So I’ve decided I’m over Windows once again, and I’m going to get an Apple laptop to replace my current Windows PC and laptop. It could take a while though, I’ll have to save up for it. And sell my current PC and laptop.

Mmm… new toys…

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