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I’ve got this idea that I think has potential, to provide business analysis services online, to clients all around the world. I’d focus on process improvement and documentation support – stuff that I can do for clients everywhere, without needing to be in their office with them. Of course, if they like what I do they can always pay me to go visit them as a consultant for a while, and help them out with business improvement or project-related work.

online-business-analysisIf I can make it work – and I think I can – then it’s something that I know I can do, and do well, while being able to do it online, and from any location in the world. I’ve been a business analyst for almost 7 years now. I know I’m good at what I do, and I think it’s a great idea to promote my services to the online world, rather than just my local area.

It’s been festering away in my mind, having started on the plane to Bali, when I was trying to work out more online business ideas. I thought that providing business analysis services to clients around the world with a focus on processes, procedures and documentation, could be a good idea. It’s something I’m quite passionate about, and have been doing for a long time.

So I’ve been talking about it with some other business specialists, and there’s talk about setting up a joint website to promote online marketing, IT security, and business analysis services. I like that idea. The initial approach is to have individual websites promoting individual services, as well as a single website promoting joint services.

My initial thoughts on strategy is to get myself some work as an online business analyst, and then invest income back into the business and expand the services aspect to allow other business analysts to register and make themselves available as resources. And then, as business improves, the registered business analysts can be available as resources for a job search site, similar to elance and odesk, but only for business analysts and business analysis services.

I’ve got some ideas in mind for setting up the website, and I’ve also got a draft strategy in mind for its growth and evolution (which I’m sure will change over time). I need to to work out how best to define what services I can offer, and how to promote it, and that’s where I’m doing a lot of internal brainstorming. I think I’ll be spending another week or two with that process.

Some people are going to think it’s a bad idea to talk about a business idea before I’ve even got it off the ground. What if someone steals it? Well, good on ’em.

There’s plenty of room for competition, and you never know – talking about it now might mean that other people who would be interested in being part of this in some way will get in touch with me to talk about how they can get involved. And considering that my idea is going to include an evolution into a business analysis-focused job search site, the more people I can get interested, the better.

If you have any thoughts or feedback, please feel free to leave a comment below, or you can contact me to discuss it privately.

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