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I’m no longer living in Melbourne

Well, the title may be a bit misleading. I’ve not been living in Melbourne since late July, almost 3 months ago. But as of today, it’s somewhat official. At least for the time being.

I went down to Melbourne on Friday at lunchtime.

I arrived at the tyre place at 8am and left them the car, and then Fanfan and I went to the storage place to drop off some stuff in her car. Then we had some breakfast before going back to get the car.

There was a delay however, because they forgot to put the best of the old tyres onto the back as the spare tyre. So I had to wait another 20 minutes while they sorted that out.

Finally we got back to the house and started packing the remainder of our stuff into a hire trailer, to take back to Canberra.

After handing the keys back to the real estate agent, we were off! (I tell you what – it was good to be done with that place. I wasn’t entirely happy there. It was all a big mess in the first place.)

The journey was good enough, but the we had an issue.

It added an extra two hours onto the journey! But I was glad Fanfan’s car was still going, and it was only a key issue and not a car issue.

But with the amount of work that Fanfan has been doing the past week with packing, she was very, very tired, so we had a few long rest stops along the way back. More delays – not to mention the fact I was driving only 95-100km/h instead of my normal 110km/h, because of the trailer full of stuff. And that burned twice as much petrol as normal, so there were extra petrol stops.

Sixteen hours on the road! Holy crap. That was an adventure. I’ve never actually done anything like that before in my life! A ‘normal’ 8 hour road trip ended up taking 16 hours instead.

It really was good to be home!

So the plan now is to settle in Canberra for a bit, to recover from all the costs we’ve been engaging in, and to try and save some money. After xmas I’ll start looking for work again in Melbourne, while still working here in Canberra, and then only go back to Melbourne once there’s actually a job to go back there for.

We did it the wrong way earlier this year. Going to Melbourne with no job in hand, and hoping that I’ll find one after getting there. We live and learn….

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