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Confirmation bias in action

Last night I wrote a blog post about the blatant anti-Trump media manipulation that occurs, pointing out an example of what used to be a reputable media source joining in with the rest of the leftist media as they try to influence people (with brainwashing and propaganda) to oppose the US President by presenting lies and misinformation about things that he says or does.

I’ve known for years that you can’t trust the media, but a lot of people still want to. Many of these people have serious cases of ‘confirmation bias’, where they have a strong opinion about something and so they’ll follow sources of information that supports their opinion (even if those sources might be lies) while also avoiding those sources that go against their opinion (even if those sources might be facts).

After writing the post last night about the example of media engaging in anti-Trump manipulation, I woke up this morning to find that a number of my subscribers decided to unsubscribe and leave. I chuckled to myself at what that said to me. They were clearly offended at me pointing out the media bias against Trump and had to leave.

I don’t have a problem with that. I’m not here to appease all people, I’m just here to write about my “insights, observations and opinions about various topics of interest to me“, as I describe on my ‘about’ page. People will agree with me and stay, or disagree with me and leave. It’s all good.

I like it when something I write creates a reaction in people. It means I’m hitting nerves. And that’s a good thing. At least maybe they might start thinking a bit more critically about what the media is presenting, and why.

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