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Finding my voice as a writer

There’s a lot of advice out there for writers about finding their voice. It’s said that the more they write, the more they’ll get closer to finding that voice that is particularly theirs. Some advice I saw recently reminded me to try and use the same voice that I use for speaking to friends when I’m with them. Including using swear words, if it feels relevant to the context and emotional presentation.

I thought about that. I’m often swearing when I talk with friends. Sometimes even at work with workmates. But I hardly ever swear when writing. And I thought maybe I should.

So I included a bit of swearing in my post yesterday, The Emperor has no clothes. As I was writing it, I was trying to write it exactly how I’d say it to a friend, including the swearing at the relevant moments to add some feeling to it.

Jeff Goins, a famous and very good writer, says to write dangerous.

Do what you were made to do. Don’t worry about marketing or audiences or best sellers lists. There’s a time for that. This just isn’t it.

Right now, you just need to write. Those rationalizations are good, old-fashioned stall tactics. They’re fear speaking, loud and clear. Everything will fall into its place. Trust me. Trust yourself. This will work. But only if you are brave. If you write dangerously.

Sure, you’ll disappoint a few people in the process. That’s a given. Might as well do it, doing something you love — right? Right. Better get started.

Well, one of my fans yesterday was certainly disappointed. They commented on my Emperor post:

Well, that’s the straw that broke the camel’s back. Sorry mate. That’s the last thing I read from you. I can’t handle the hate emanating from this blog in almost every post. Hope you grow up one day, buddy.

I think they’re one of the people that Jeff Goins says would be disappointed. Some people won’t like me for writing how I feel. Some people won’t be able to handle what I see and what I say. And that’s ok.

You can’t please everyone, so there’s no point even trying. The only person I’m trying to please is, ultimately, myself.

When you start talking honestly about what you see and how you feel, you’re going to upset some people along the way that just can’t handle it. From all the advice out there, as soon as you start disappointing people, you’re probably on the right path. So I disappointed someone? I guess I’m doing something right then.

“You have enemies? Good. That means you’ve stood up for something, sometime in your life.”
Winston Churchill

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