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Opportunity in New Zealand

Tonight I was sitting in a cafe waiting for a friend to turn up for dinner, and was checking out the LinkedIn app. One of the people I follow on LinkedIn was promoting a Sharepoint Business Analyst role (permanent) in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Christchurch, New Zealand

They asked for CV’s from interested people. On a whim, I sent them my CV. They immediately got back in touch with me and said they’re very interested in my skills and experience and wanted to talk with me further. So they’re phoning me tomorrow morning.

I thought about it. It would be nice to live in New Zealand again. Christchurch isn’t Wellington, but it’s a nice city. Gets pretty cold though. But that’s New Zealand for you… And it’s only a few hours from Queenstown, one of the premiere tourist locations in the world.

Queenstown, New Zealand

Oh yeh… such a beautiful country.

But I’d have to ship my FJ Cruiser over there. Luckily I’ve already looked into transport costs a couple years ago, and it’s only about AU$2000 to ship a car over to New Zealand, including customs costs. That’s a good deal. Hmmm… but then I’d need to get it checked and registered… Not sure how much that would cost, but wouldn’t be any more than another $1000 at most, I think.

I asked my wife if she would mind going to New Zealand. Not at all, she said. It’s not Canberra, so she’d be fine with it. Great! 🙂

It’d be a bit complicated though. We’re right in the middle of moving permanently back to Canberra.

Since I’m going to be working here in Canberra for a while again, we’ve made the decision to live here permanently again. After only 7 months in Melbourne (4 months for me, before I got work back in Canberra again), we’re shifting back to Canberra.

The expectation, however, is that we’ll be here until I get a job in Melbourne, and then we’ll move back to Melbourne again. To that end, all the furniture is being put into storage in Melbourne and will stay there until we move back there again. The lease we have on the apartment is being ended and the property manager is looking for new tenants. I’m hoping they’ll find someone quickly ’cause I have to continue paying rent until they do!

That’s why it’s a bit complicated. There’s already a lot happening right now! And not to mention that if I get a job in New Zealand, I’ve not only got an ‘end of tenancy’ in Melbourne to deal with, but I’ll also have to do the same here in Canberra, since I’ve got this apartment for the next 9 months!

Maybe I should withdraw from the process and just stick with this job in Canberra until things settle down a bit.

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