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Free wifi hotspots in Canberra?

I love sitting at Starbucks here in Wellington a lot, enjoying the atmosphere and the relaxation. I’ve been very lucky that the wifi hotspot provider has been the same provider as my home internet connection, which has meant that I get free wifi hotspot access. Unfortunately, it looks like this bit of luck isn’t available for me in Canberra.

So I did a Google search this afternoon for free wifi in Canberra. I was very happy to find that there are actually a few free wifi hotspots around the place! All I have to do once I get to Canberra is check them out and see if I can get a similar relaxing and enjoyable atmosphere as I’ve had here. Part of that atmosphere includes good opportunities for people watching…

One of the hotspots I was reading about is in a place that’s a little out of the way, down a side alley. Really good if you want to ‘hide away’ from the world, but completely unreasonable if you want to watch the world walk by!

And I thought I’d make a request, just in case the request is read by someone browsing this site who might work for an ISP in Canberra. My request is: if you’re an ISP staff member in Canberra and you can provide a good ADSL/2+ home account that also includes wifi hotspot access, then please contact me. Or, if you provide free wifi hotspots anyway, then please contact me. I’d like to discuss options with you.

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