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Now we get busy…

Emelie and Reine have gone, and I already miss them heaps. It was fantastic to have them here, to meet them, and to show them around Wellington. I think they had a good time. They don’t have Starbucks in Sweden, and so it’s unfortunate that I’ve got them addicted to Chai Lattes… I’m sure they’ll find other addictions though.

Now that they’re gone, however, I’ve become very busy. Organising photos and details of the household items that we’re selling on an auction website has been keeping me busy. And now we start packing things, and throwing things out, and getting ourselves organised.

It’s less than 3 weeks before we fly out of New Zealand and into Australia. Oh my…

I organised a Canberra-based phone number yesterday, using Skype’s more advanced features (that you have to pay for – very cheap though!). Now people in Canberra or elsewhere in Australia can call the Canberra number for the cost of a local (or national) call, and I’ll get it via my computer, wherever I am. If I’m not online, they can leave a message and I can call them back using Skype at 2 cents per minute. Pretty damn good if you ask me!

Did I mention I’m back in touch with Scot? That’s a story for another post, but he has a VoIP business offering home and cellphone services using internet VoIP technology. I think we might set up a cellphone system with him so that we can make and receive home phone calls via our internet-enabled cellphones, for a much cheaper cost than ‘traditional’ home and cellphone services.

I love advanced technology making life easier for a cheaper cost…

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