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Glad that’s over!

I’m no longer working. This is good and bad. Good because I really wasn’t enjoying the role at all. Bad because it was ended before it was supposed to end (by 3 weeks), and because I don’t have any money coming in until I get my next contract.

But that won’t be for too long. And it looks like I’ll be earning around the same, if not more, than what I was earning with this contract. One thing I’ve found is that my skills and experience put me into a high-paying category, which is REALLY nice.

For a little while I’ll have more time to do some writing and catch up on a few things. Up until now, I didn’t have internet or email access during the day, and when I came home I was too tired or annoyed (at the day’s experiences) to want to write anything. I’m hoping that will change with the next contract, and so on after that.

So welcome me back… 🙂

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