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Gotta love the neighbours!

We discovered soon after moving into our house that our neighbours had a pet cow. Turns out they actually have 3 of them. Who needs roosters to wake you up in the morning at dawn when you’ve got cows mooing to be milked? And yes, we’re pretty much in the middle of the city, in the suburbs – and the neighbours have cows.

These cows stink to high heaven. And they’re always mooing! So we called the RSPCA to report it to them. They investigated, and we learn that they told the neighbours that THEIR neighbours – us – registered a complaint about their cows. Nice.

So the RSPCA reported back that the cows are being looked after because they’re sick, and the farm they came from wasn’t able to look after them. Right. That makes a lot of sense. Not!

Since then, our neighbours have decided it’s a good idea to be retarded morons. Actually, they were probably that way before we found out, but still…

They’ve pelted our house with eggs. They’ve fired fireworks into our yard, hitting the car and the house. And tonight they’ve lobbed water balloons onto the front verandah. At least, I think it’s water… I haven’t gone out to clean it up yet, so I’m not entirely sure.

If the idiocy continues, I’ll have to have a talk with them. That’s what you’re supposed to do with neighbour harrassment, right? There’s also the policy that if you ignore it and do nothing about it, you avoid provoking their idiocy any further and they get bored and go do something else, like drink themselves into a stupor every night. Or water the cows. Or whatever it is that idiots in the city do with themselves.

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