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Happy 40th to me!

Going with the tradition I started last year, I’ve taken the day off work and spending it in Starbucks. A nice relaxing day. Bliss… My present to myself.

Canadians are such friendly and interesting people. Very tech-literate too, which is cool. I met Jenny last night; she was having troubles with organising travel, and getting very frustrated about it. It was a good conversation opener. Turns out she’s on holiday. She has a blog, so now we’re blog-friends. But it’s for ‘friends’ only, and that means you’re shit outta luck. So I won’t link to it, ’cause you’re not likely to see anything!

There’s a woman outside Starbucks stopping people and trying to get them to buy some books from her. I think they’re religious books. Shes doing too much false smiling for them to be anything else.

“Oh, I’m so happy to talk to you! Look at what I’ve got here, it’s the voice of God written with YOU in mind! Yes, that’s right! Written especially for you! And only $4.95, because we all know that God’s word is affordable!”

Of course, I’m only guessing about what kind of books she’s trying to sell. Maybe I should go peek over her shoulder or something… or pretend to be interested.

Nah, she might recognised the ‘frack off’ aura that automatically pops up every time a street hawker approaches me.

Do babies drink coffee? There’s a baby in a pram nearby, with mum reading a newspaper. I wonder if she’s having coffee with her baby…

Ken’s just arrived for lunch, and brought me a present! How nice. I’ll talk about it soon, gotta go eat now.

UPDATE: I remembered a Canadian, Trevor, who I met in the same chair as Jenny…. 26th November last year.

There’s something bizarre about this yearly thing… Yesterday I wrote an article on political correctness, and last night after checking to see what I was doing this time last year, I found that on the 30th November last year, I had written another article on political correctness: ‘All men are pedophiles’

Weird synchronicity going on…

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