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Waiting to pick up

I put in my car for a good clean this morning, to get polished and machine buffed. The paint job is very tired-looking, so I’m hoping this will smarten it up a bit. I had to take it out to Lower Hutt, then catch a train into the city, a half hour ride. I’ve been catching up on stuff (eg. web browsing! and alpha testing a Web 2.0 site) at Starbucks while waiting for the car to be ready.

Now I’m going to go walk to the train station, catch a train back out, pick up the car, drive back in, pick up Deidre, then go to the airport to pick up Mel. The holiday with Mel officially starts today.

Oh yeh, I had yesterday off work, as you know, but I’ve got the next week off work as well. My next day of work is Friday 8th December. I’m stoked about having the time off!

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