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Having trouble understanding the value of Twitter?

If you’re like the average person out there, Twitter might be something that you just don’t get.

“I just don’t get it,” I hear you cry out every day.  Well, I’ve explained the value for average users over here – Twitter for the average user – so I recommend you read it. And then follow me on Twitter.  🙂

But what about if you’re a blogger?
Or if you have a website that you want to promote?  How can Twitter be of value for you?

I’ve created a special Twitter page on this blog which is only accessible from the link I’ve created in my Twitter bio, and is especially for all those that come to my blog via Twitter (but you can also view it here).  There’s nowhere else in my blog that links to it, so the only people that can come to it are from those browsing Twitter profiles and following links.

This has actually been helpful to determine what percentage of traffic comes via Twitter, which has worked out to be about 13% since I created it a couple of weeks, and is already my number 2 page for ‘entry pages’.

My Twitter page lists all the things that I want to promote about myself in the Bio section (eg. Business Analyst, social media, photographer, INTP, spiritualist, gamer, XR6T driver, libertarian, blogger).  This means that as people search for all of those things via Twitter or even the web, they’ll find my Twitter bio.  They then click on my link if they want to know more about me, and they find my blog.  From there, they can browse other blog posts of interest to them via my Categories or Tags.

One thing which I’ve noticed is that many people that find my blog via a search engine only hang around to read the post they found, and then return to the search engine.  But people that come to my blog via Twitter hang around for sometimes hours, browsing my site and reading the things that interested them and brought them there in the first place.

My traffic has jumped considerably, thanks to Twitter, and people are hanging around longer to read more.

If you have a blog that you make money from, for example, then you can do the same thing I do and put relevant ‘key words’ into your Twitter bio, and link to a special entry page for Twitter visitors.  This is only going to increase your traffic, which will increase your exposure, and increase your potential to make money – or at least to build a network of like-minded people interested in what you’re promoting.

That’s the bottom line.

So what do you put in your Twitter entry page?

Well, if you haven’t looked my own page yet, go have a look now and then come back here.

It’s a good idea to welcome them first, and then you can mention a few things about yourself and your blog.  Give them an idea of why it’s a good idea to hang around and read more of your website.  Be personal.  Be friendlly. Don’t be over the top, and don’t try and sell them something on this page.  Treat visitors as people, and not as potential sales.  Show that you’re interested in them by giving them information about who you are, and what you want to achieve with Twitter and/or your blog. Provide them with a few links to other parts of your blog that you’d like them to read.

Just remember – they came to your blog because of the keywords they found in your Twitter bio. They’re interested in using Twitter for communication, and they’re probably looking for someone to chat with about those key words which are ‘common interests’ for them.

Treat them as such, and thank them for their interest in you. They’ll appreciate you more, and be willing to not only browse your blog, but also to follow you so they stay up to date with what you post on Twitter.

Make it of value for them, and you’ll start to understand the value for you.

Thanks for reading! Please add your own thoughts below.

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