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How to know if you’re a multi-passionate Scanner

Multi-passionate is another name for Scanner. One who has many passions in life, and doesn’t want to have to choose. And you shouldn’t have to!

If you’re wondering if you’re a Scanner or Multi-passionate or whatever else you might want to call it, here’s a few questions you can ask yourself. If you answer YES to most of them, then you’re just like me. Hi!

  1. Do you find that you have a lot of different interests or hobbies that you enjoy, and you don’t want to just choose one of them?
  2. Do you find yourself working different jobs, business ventures or projects at the same time, while enjoying the variety it brings you?
  3. Do you find people seem to suggest that you should focus more on one thing, or that you’re inconsistent and don’t follow things through to the end?
  4. Do you find yourself wanting to learn about something new all the time, but then you lose interest in it and look for something else?
  5. Do you find that when you have some spare time, you have difficulty making a choice about which one of your activities, interests or projects you want to do, because you want to do them all?
  6. Did you have trouble choosing a degree at university, maybe deciding that it would be better to choose a course that allowed you to learn lots of different things?
  7. Do you find yourself curious about why people would dedicate themselves to becoming an expert in one field, knowing that you could never do the same thing?
  8. Do you find it difficult to describe your perfect job, but find it easy to describe ten things you’d absolutely love to do in an ideal job – even though that job probably doesn’t exist in this world?
  9. Have you ever tried to come up with a business idea but end up frustrated because you can’t work out how to bring all your interests together to make you money?
  10. Do you find that you’re more of a generalist instead of a specialist, and that you know a little bit about many different things?

If you answered yes to most of those, then welcome to my little corner of the world.

You and I, we’re the same. We have lots of different interests and ideas about how we want to do things, and a lot of difficulty deciding what to actually focus our attention on. They all look so inviting!

And then there’s #9 which I really relate to – how the hell do I bring all my interests together (or even just some of them!) so that I can make money doing what I love?

I’m working on that.

Understanding more about how much I love doing lots of different things at the same time and allowing myself to be that way, even appreciating that about myself, is allowing me to see opportunities for offering some of my passions as services to others.

I can also see that I can create a business where I offer many of my passions as services, all within the same business. I’m passionate about providing IT support services, web design, web content and web administration. I love this kind of stuff.

Maybe you can do something similar? What many talents do you have that you could possibly offer within a broad range of services to others, to help them solve problems in their lives and want them to reward you with their money?

I’m on a journey to find out these things about myself, and to change my life in ways that help me turn my passions into an income. Maybe you’d like to join me on this journey too.

Share your thoughts below, and tell me what passions you think you have that you could start selling.

Thanks for reading! Please add your own thoughts below.

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