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Time travel is a fact

I had my mind blown tonight. It literally exploded. It was messy. You wouldn’t have wanted to be there.

I discovered that scientists have sent photons back in time and have proven time travel works for quite a few years now.

What the….?

I also discovered that it seems that the photons can only travel back in time if they’re not going back to kill themselves.

Or, to put it another way, it’s been proven impossible to go back and kill your father before you were born. They’ve proven this.

If they send a photon back in time, it works. But if they send a photon back in time to kill itself before it goes back in time, then they just can’t send it back in time. It doesn’t work.

One of the theories as to why is that the universe has a self-defence mechanism to protect such things.

Another theory is that there’s no Multiple Universes, and that there’s just one universe that doesn’t allow you to go back in time to do anything that prevents your own existence before you go back in time…

What blew my mind was that they’re engaging in time travel.

Just… wow.

The second thing that blew my mind was that the multiple universe theory has been disproven.

You see, if there were multiple universes, then you could go back in time and kill your father before you were conceived, which would split your reality off into another universe where you never existed. You’d now be following a different timeline.

In this new timeline, if you tried to go forward in time to where you started this process, then you’d find yourself in a time where you never existed. No one would know you.

It’s a theory that tried to overcome the paradox of going back in time to prevent your own existence, meaning you wouldn’t be able to go back in time – unless the action created an alternative timeline where you were never born, but also where you could never return to your own universe.

So these experiments they’ve been doing have apparently proven that you can go back in time as long as it’s not to prevent your own existence.

Which suggests that if there’s any time travel from the future of actual people or material objects that can interact with this reality, that it essentially becomes part of this timeline.

If you go back in time to prevent the birth of Hitler, for example, you wouldn’t succeed, because we all know about Hitler. Instead, your incursion into the past would simply become part of the past. Your actions were already there, as part of this timeline.

You might go back to kill Hitler but end up getting killed first, or it might even be that you were the one that caused Hitler to rise to power…

No one knows what will happen. There’s lots of conjecture, however. Lots of thoughts about possibilities.

That’s how we get all our science fiction stories, where someone thinks about ‘what if’ and decides to write it down.

What do you think about this?

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