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I found a place to live in Melbourne

I’ve never looked at so many houses and apartments and townhouses in my entire life! But the good news is that after 4 solid days of searching, I was finally able to secure a place for us to live on Tuesday last week. By 5pm that day, the paperwork was signed, money changed hands, and by 5:30pm I was driving through the night on my way back to Canberra.


It was a good drive, only 7 hours including a few stops for petrol and food. I got home by 12:30am Wednesday.

And I’ve been recovering ever since.

I didn’t realise how intense it was to be so focused on house hunting for 5 days straight. All of my waking time was spent on the computer looking for a place to live, or driving to inspect them, or talking to real estate agents.

It was pretty draining! But I’m glad it’s over.

In a couple weeks from now, I’ll be moving down to Melbourne to start a new chapter of my life. I’m quite looking forward to this new journey.

The only drawback to it is that the location doesn’t have high speed broadband, so my internet usage is going to go backwards about a decade….

Ah well. In a year’s time we’ll find a new place to live, and it will be easier for us to find somewhere that is more appropriate. Until then we’ll just make do.

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