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I have an iPad

iPad blurs the line between traditional devices

I’m sitting here in bed writing my first blog post with the iPad. This is what the iPhone almost was… I had hoped to use it to blog too, but it was just too tedious to write with the tiny keyboard, whereas the iPad’s just a whole lot better.

Yes, I obviously got an iPad… And I’m really enjoying it too. It’s just damn convenient. Different to a laptop, you can only do one thing at a time, so multitasking isn’t really an option. But that just helps you focus.

The biggest reasons I got it was for instant unloading of photos from my DSLR onto here, and upload them to Picasa. Oh, and the book reading. And watching movies in bed with it. And browsing the web while I’m away from the computer. And YouTube.

And it’s about the same size and weight as a book, so no need to carry around laptops in backpacks, etc

You might even see me blogging a bit more…

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