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Idiot drivers

Driving to work this morning I was witness to two near-accidents, with both of them involving idiots doing exactly the same thing.

Imagine you’re on a three-lane road, and you’ve got a car on the left and a car on the right, and they both want to inhabit the middle lane. At the same time. And they’re both determined to do it, come what may.

It’s like a strange game of chicken, where someone has to veer off first or there’ll be… trouble. Luckily someone did.

I don’t know what it is about so many people who think the road is theirs, and that regardless of the situation, they have right of way.

I was driving in the right-hand lane to overtake a number of cars, and then had to pull into a gap in order to turn left a few hundred yards up the road. So I indicated, as one does, and then realised that the guy I was going to pull in front of had decided to speed up. So there’s me wanting to pull into the now-nonexistent gap while this guy is sitting next to me, with his front wheels next to my rear wheels, and refusing to drop back to let me in.

So naturally I dropped back to pull in behind him, and I see he’s driving a Holden.

I’ll have to keep an eye out for Holdens, as I’m suspecting that because I’m driving a Ford, they’re going to be more idiotic than usual, in their misguided attempts to be ‘better’.

If ‘better’ means being an idiot and endangering people’s lives, I can understand why Holden drivers aren’t looked upon very kindly. It might not be a coincidence that Holdens were being driven by the people who were fighting for the middle lane this morning….

And if you’re a Holden driver reading this, I can only imagine you’d be upset if the shoe fits.

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