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If sex abuse claims against Trump actually works?

Here’s an interesting thought. If this US election is determined solely by claims of sexual abuse against Trump – they don’t have to be right, they just have to be claimed – then it’s likely that there will never be a male US President ever again. Every male candidate will have claims of sexual abuse against them as a campaign tactic, and suddenly only a minority will want to vote for them.

“Oh, you want to vote for a rapist?”

If it works this time, it’s likely to work every time. And if it works for US elections, it’s surely going to work everywhere. Elections will no longer be about policies, but about sexual abuse allegations. It’ll get to a point very quickly that men just won’t even bother trying to campaign. Our future will have women in leadership instead of men.

Of course, gay men might be able to run for office, but sex abuse claims could still be valid campaign tactics if it worked so well against Trump.

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