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I’m a Scanner. Are you one too?

Along with everything else, I’ve just discovered that I’m a ‘Scanner’.

Some people just like giving themselves a name that’s unique to anything else. Makes them feel special.

I like calling myself a Scanner. It makes me feel… special.

I was reading a blog and found that the author discovered they were a Scanner. I was intrigued, wanted to learn more. So I followed their link and read about their discovery on their page, A Multi-Passionate ‘Entrepreneur’ / Scanner’s Resume: How to Tell if You’re One Too!

…here’s what a Scanner’s process looks like:

  • Discover new passion
  • Become obsessed and think about it day and night
  • Learn all you can about it, delve into information as though it’s Nutella
  • Give in to burning desire to tell the world what you’ve discovered, cos of COURSE this is the most amazing thing since fire was discovered
  • Started talking about _ (in my case, scanners) to anyone who’ll listen
  • Start doing _ (a weekly telecall series discussing Refuse to Choose a year ago)
  • In true scanner tradition, either lose interest / finish grudgingly / quit with the intention to complete later, __ (we did about 6 calls and then dropped the ball)

My understanding is that this is what people with Aspergers Syndrome do.

But you know what? I like the term ‘Scanner’ much better.

Here’s what else they wrote on their blog:

I help multi-passionate people with shiny object syndrome get clear on what they want, turn their primary passions into a career / business they love and live a life that rocks. I write about finding your purpose, being fulfilled, self actualisation, personal growth, courage, authenticity & living a life that matters, your way.

(I know someone with ‘shiny object syndrome’…)

But I also like what the author is saying. I’ve been doing some of that myself in my life.

I’m going to explore this some more. I like where this might take me…

Thanks for reading! Please add your own thoughts below.

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