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New version of Ghost blogging platform – I’ll wait

I’ve been waiting for the new 0.4 version of Ghost to come out, which would apparently let me sort posts by tags, as well as edit posts from the online post itself, as well as many, many other new features and updates that would make things more interesting and functional.

It came out yesterday, and I was alerted by email last night. I was going to upgrade this morning, but having a look at the installation forum, it seems that it’s broken.


I think I’ll wait for 0.4.1 maybe….

Update (a few hours later):

Stupid me couldn’t wait. After seeing a number of reports that ‘following the official upgrade process’ would work, I followed the official upgrade process. Only to discover that while it may have worked, the Ghostium theme I was using had a problem.

In trying to roll back to Ghost 0.3.3 I seemingly broke the VPS and had to set up a new one. I decided to set it up with Ghost 0.4.0 and it works fine. I just can’t use my favourite Ghostium theme until its author fixes whatever problems it has with the new version of Ghost.

Once I confirmed everything was working on the new VPS I changed the DNS A Records to point the blog to the new server, and the transition happened almost instantly. Nice!

My apologies for using this theme. It’s only temporary until Ghostium is restored to ‘business as usual’.

I’m thinking that I need to create an ‘upgrade process’ that actually works. It seems every time I want to update Ghost on a DigitalOcean VPS, the end result is a 502 ‘bad gateway’ error, which is only resolved by creating a new VPS and starting afresh. I’ll probably do that in future, set up new version on a new VPS, test them to make sure they work with imported blog data and images, and then change the A records to point to the new server.

Seems to work every time, so I’m going to do it that way in future. Hopefully there’ll be less downtime that way…

Update (15 Jan 2014):

And we’re back. Seems there was an issue because one of the pages in the Ghostium theme was empty, which caused Ghost’s javascript code to have a spastic fit and die. Putting {{! This is featured comment }} into the otherwise empty content/themes/ghostium/partials/custom/featured.hbs page fixed it.

Back to ‘business as usual’, thankfully!

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