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I’m very excited with my new blog

So I tried this experiment with a new and different blogging platform. After a few weeks, I decided I hated it.

Now, there was nothing wrong with it if you’re after a really basic setup that’ll just allow you to write blog posts and have them shared with a community that already exists around the platform. Except my needs were a bit more advanced than that.

I realised that I really needed to have categorisation on my blog posts, which the experimental platform didn’t have. That was my number one requirements. Without categorisation of my posts, I felt uninspired to write. I didn’t have anything to focus my writing on!

I also needed a better commenting system that integrated comments not just within the platform, but from outside of it as well, allowing people to log into the commenting system with their favourite social login (eg. Facebook or Twitter).

And finally, I just really, really missed the level of customisation I could do with WordPress, with themes and widgets and social integration that made it more dynamic and interactive. To my mind, at least. And it’s my mind that’s all important.

So today I brought it all back to WordPress. I’ve spent half the day fine-tuning the transition, transferring the blog posts that had been made on the other platform, and tidying up the images throughout all of the posts.

And then I did some searching for a better blog theme, because I wasn’t entirely happy with the one I’d been using. I’ve found something which has really excited me with its functionality and appearance, which I’m using now.

The new theme also made it easy to implement a ‘featured photos’ slider that can be used to feature and link to relevant posts, but I just set it up for some photos I’ve taken recently, that I think look really awesome.

The result is something I’m now extremely happy with, and I’ll use the ‘photo slider’ to showcase more photos in the future.

What do you think of it? Please visit the site if you’re receiving this by email or RSS and let me know what you think, I’d really appreciate it!

Thanks for reading! Please add your own thoughts below.

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